Well there are so many variables, but we have Proof of a guy who is doing this…to the tune of $60,000 in 60 days.

Many of us on the team are following his lead. It is as if he has run the 4 minute mile as an Online Marketer and we are taking notice.  To cut to the chase here is the link where he is doing this:  HERE

To continue on I will say that he is an engineer full time, a full time daddy and husband to boot.  As an engineer he states that he likes to use systems so he decided to try and do this when driving traffic to his websites.  He uses blogs and other means to get folks to the sites.  He likes to outsource lots of his work so that he can focus on the main things.

He used to write all his daily blog posts, but today he instead farms them out to places like:  www.warriorforums.com and www.fiverr.com to be done for minute amounts of change.  He even tells the writers that they have done such a great job that he is making$75 each and every month based on their great work.  They ask how that is and that they want to see what he is doing and he sends them HERE

The best part is this–he still works at his job as an engineer making his approximate $100k and the cashflow that he has amassed monthly and residually now allows his wife to be a stay at home mother to their kids. She made more than he did and he brought her home so she can volunteer at school and be very involved in the kids’ lives.  She is living the Dream of being a full time mom.

This fine young man (under 35 or 40) has aspirations of keeping his 40 hour + a week job to keep his income streams many.  He has done ebay, amazon, ezine writing, Network marketing online, etc.  He plans to pay off his house in under a decade and live well within his means.

The Peace of mind this guy must have has got to be immense.  He could walk in and quit his job or pay cash for just about anything.  He does not need the Excess in life.  He wants to be happy and share with others his success and methods.

We are learning from him.  He uses social syndication and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to get traffic to his blogs.   He uses facebook and many other sites to share his message just like we do.  You can use Tribepro.com and Onlywire.com as methods to post to many sites at once.

He states that he does some things on breaks and lunches, but also at night from like 9 to midnight so that he can enjoy the life, wife and kids from 5 to 9.   His method may seem like madness but he knows that he holds the key to it all with his efforts.  He can walk away down the road, months or years.  He knows this and will make it happen soon I am sure.   At the moment he is probably Maximizing his 401k to the Max and Matching too.

If you want to see this program and see how phenomenal it is and be able to enjoy success like others are, then take a good solid look right now right here.  You will be glad you did.

In Success,

Joe Stack



What is a Little Wild Time? It is the thing that happens that goofs up your day or week or month, etc. Usually we do or say something that is off or even stupid that makes a bad situation worse. We mess it up is what we do. I have done this lots. If we are honest with ourselves we can see that we all do it.

If we think back to a time that we messed up our day or life, we most often say, “Wow, I wish I could have that hour or day to do over.” Who has not ever said this? We all have and do.

These past two weeks were nuts. I want to share just 3 or 4 goof ups in my life recently.

The exhaust manifold on the best of our 2 cars cracked and was leaking you guessed it, Exhaust, into the car. I did not think to ask if the part could be overnited at first. When I did and I called the shop, the guy said oh, he had ordered it and maybe it could be overnited. I was Livid that he did not Think to offer that to me. He called me back and said he was a 1/2 hour too late and it went through. Short story shorter… A whole week goes by and the part never came and they said it was sent to wrong location. Ticked off again was me. Now the Rental is costing more than the Repair! Wow. This lesson was how to relax and just let it be and learn to ask more questions.
They covered the Overnite cost when they ordered a second time. Yes, all said and done was over $775.00, ouch.

Then, we had snowblower break. No big deal. Then bath tub soap dish handle broke off the ceramic wall tile area.
Boys and Wife throwing stuffed animals in basement broke a 4 foot flourescent bulb that made the biggest mess and was a danger for a few minutes. Can you say eyes and bare feet?

Then as I left the garage in the car I noticed the garage door shake and heard the loudest noise. My wife left the garage door down 18″ from just 5 minutes before. Three hours of work (bending metal, screws, drilling and tightening) and a trip to home depot and a call to the Garage man to set appointment for another $200 to adjust tension on Spring and left side of door. The thing almost fell on me as I worked on it. FUN.

Worst part is that the wonderful wife and I exchanged words and looks that are not conducive to harmony and love. Note: I wrote a post Recently on how to have a Great marriage. lol. Here is that POST. We made our Little Wild Time worse and some may say that this is normal. It hurts and sucks and we had to mend fences. We did. It is hard to be happy when the Car’s roof gets whacked & scratched and the roof antenna gets ripped off and now the roof will leak. Man…. Whatever. LOL.

On a brighter note. It is Christmas eve in just 45 minutes. Yay. Here is Cute video of my son playing with his toy Nerf gun moments before he looked down the barrel and shot it at his face and hit his eye. Wow! He is four and probably should not have that toy, DAD! He is fine, but what a crazy day. God Bless him. Enjoy the VIDEO

P.S. I share all of this info with humor, but also because life is not fair and it does cost money. Enter the EMPOWER NETWORK. This program is making our family money so that all of these little broken things or projects can be Outsourced to a Handyman other than me soon. Smile…

P.P.S. If you would like to see a Program that many are enjoying success with–even in their very first week—then take a look. You will be Glad you did. LOOK HERE

To a Prosperous New Year!

Be very honest with yourself. Are you one of those people that believe that you just do not have the time to get your home business up & going? Well, you are not alone.

Surveys say that many people claim they have too much to do & not enough time to do it. They ultimately end up defeating themselves & their business loses momentum and it too suffers.

Family obligations, full & part time jobs, maintaining health & other distractions are the main reasons for not building momentum for their home based business. We often end up feeling that our lives are spent catering to everyone else’s obligations, projects and duties.

However, there is some awesome news! You can carve out and maximize time to build momentum for your business. All you need is to find the chunk of time. Then commit to use that chunk for your home business Only. Try these following strategies to make your home based business blossom & flourish.

Document/Record Your Daily Routine

The first thing you will need to do is find a quiet place and write down your entire weekly schedule. Document the start & end time on events like getting ready for work, your commute to your day job, driving your children to daycare or school, gym time and any other weekly commitments you may have. Also include weekends and family time (this is most important).

After completing this exercise you should have a good visual aid of what your week looks like. You should see some openings (areas to hightlight) in your week. Attempt to find 2 hours you can commit to invest/spend on your business. Then review and re-prioritize some hours of time.

Stay with this Schedule that You Created and then Re-Evaluate

The next thing you need to do is stay consistent with your schedule. This can be challenging because you are creating a new habit. Once you get the hang of your new routine, always re-evaluate & take inventory of your schedule. You may be able to find more time to spend on your home business as you move forward and evaluate.

Discipline yourself to stay consistent with your new schedule. This means that you have to find a way after the j.o.b., after dinner, after the soccer games, and after putting the kids to sleep.

Don’t Forget Your Family

Spending time with my family is always the top priority for me. I have young children (1 and 4) so I try to focus on the business when my kids are in bed (early in a.m. & late at night). I find that using the evening hours is best for me to spend on my home business. I am a nite owl And it seems to be the most quiet part of the day. It helps we wind down as well.

Embrace Distractions

As we all know life also throws us off schedule often. Try your best to embrace this fact instead of fighting it. If your child stays up late, focus on helping your child quiet down and go to sleep. Try not to focus on what you could be doing. Get balance.

If you have to stay late at your day job, then choose to work late on your business. Usually, you’ll find that it is better just to focus on one thing at a time. You’ll be more efficient & effective. You will be most productive when you have a clear and guilt free mind while working on your venture.

To handle new ideas that can distract you while you’re working, keep an audio recorder handy. Record your thought or write down the idea in a notebook. You will also find that you are using less energy dealing with distractions instead of fighting them. Get to them later.

So there truly is good news when it comes to finding time to work on your own home based business. Do not despair. Never get frustrated. Just remember that you have total control of your time. Only you & you alone can change your habits to build your businesses momentum. You can do it.

P.S. To see a business that allows you to plug in and take advantage of all the tools implemented by the top income earners, just Click Here

One of the greatest enemies to your home-based business success is the very scary Shiny-Object-Syndrome. As an entrepreneur you are probably very highly creative, intuitive and positive-minded by nature. It is very likely common for you to have a mind chock-full of new thoughts & ideas daily.

You see opportunity where many others do not!

Trouble arises when you want to implement all of the ideas at the same time. It may also be difficult for you to turn down new things. We all seem to love the ‘new’ and the ‘exciting’ things!

Some days you may feel and even experience that you’re chasing after many ideas at the same time while accomplishing no real progress on any one of these.

In order to personally beat the S.O.S. (Shiny Object Syndrome) it is important to pick just one single idea and then focus your undivided attention on this idea. Think about this: Of all the ideas you have in your mind right now, which one has the potential to make you the most Benjamins?

This is the very idea you want to focus your complete attention, resources and energies on.

Many other great ideas and opportunities will come your way as you work on bringing your best idea to life. They will be attracted to you. Keep a ongoing/running “Great Idea” list where you can keep a written record of these opportunities & ideas for future reference. You can give them more attention later.

All of those great ideas and opportunities (options & choices) are useless if you can not complete them within an effective time frame. Some you have to do before others do them.

Start with you best idea out in front and then decide on how you can implement a simple and structured plan. Break your plan down into manageable parts. Then focus your attention and efforts on completing the first step. Only once you have completed that step, move on to the next and so on.

Keep in mind that throughout the process you will get off track. Distractions will surround you. Now, when presented with an opportunity, even if it is a good one, learn to say ‘NO’ if it takes you away from your primary goal. Focus is key to make progress.

It’s often hard for entrepreneurs to say ‘no’. Pursuing and working many ideas simultaneously will only put you further and further behind your primary goal.

So, where do you begin today?

Here’s a brief guideline to help you along:

1. Make a detailed list of all the ideas & opportunities on your ‘to do’ list right now.
2. Pick the One idea that will make you the most money and develop a manageable plan to start it and to complete it.
3. When the inevitable distractions arise, ask yourself, “Will this project or idea bring me closer to my goal or take me further away from it?” Will I stay focused?
4. If they will steer/take you away from your primary goal, then just learn to say ‘no’ and follow through.

A great way to stay focused on your primary business is to have money coming in (soid cashflow) so you do not have stress about constant outflow.

We found a way to do just this. It is called a funded proposal. We find leads through a feeder program. They join and spend/invest money. We then have folks (customers) we can work with and show them our primary business.

P.S. If you would like to see what this is and how you can use it to your advantage, then just click here. You will be incredibly glad you did.

Jobs For Stay At Home Moms


We see many searches sent to search engines looking for jobs for: stay at home moms, best jobs for stay at home moms, online jobs for stay at home moms, stay at home jobs for stay at home moms, work at home jobs
and many many more.

Stay at home moms are looking to the World Wide Web for stay at home opportunities so that can make some extra money, take care of their families or they just simply want to work from home so they can take care of their kids. Many do not like the option of daycare.

After doing much research we have found that there are many avenues for moms to work at home. The following are just a few:

* Rebate Processing from home
* Type at Home
* Data Entry from Home
* Online paid surveys
* Medical Transcription
* Telephone Answering

and more & more. Because of this huge demand, most website owners have researched and even instituted a specific web page for moms looking for work or a business of their own.

Moms can get started very easily. There is most often a minimal cost in getting your work at home project up and started. Not a lot of equipment is necessary to perform tasks required.

You will need a computer, internet access, a word processor, spell checker & a printer. Anything else you may have or acquire is extra and often even a tax related expense.

Who should you partner with?

It is important to select the right companies at the outset or you may spend a lot of money & time with little result. Of course there are some companies that are not as reputable as others and you can simply waste your time, money & efforts. Do not be dismayed. Do not get discouraged. A good quote to remember here is this, “Behind every successful person is a lot of failures”.

I could write paragraph after paragraph of the businesses I have tried over the years before being successful. It was definitely worth the wait.

You have to be willing to do your research, select the right opportunity & then join the program. It is vital to have some patience and work at it diligently to create success for yourself. It does require time and effort.

Success can be had and it has been done time & time again. Most people simply give up and quit too soon. It is just about the time they are getting ready to see success.

I suggest that you find one of the many websites that have done some research for you. Once you have found one email or telephone the website owner, if necessary, and then remain loyal and be consistent with your efforts.

You will need to remember that working from home requires a person with a certain discipline to work with no one watching over you. It is also important to note that you will have to WORK at HOME to get paid. Being your own boss can be great for some but also horrible for some. Not all can do it.

Having said all of this, there are many moms doing quite well at home financially by utilizing many of the above programs. It is more popular today simply to operate out of your own home. It is not necessary to get a store front. You can earn some nice money (hundreds or thousands) & create loads of free time. This will allow you to enjoy life a whole lot more should you choose to do so.

My wife is a MOM and she is taking advantage of this very thing. She and I found an opportunity where we are enjoying success and we have done so since our first week in business.

P.S. To see more info on this very program just click HERE. You will be Glad you did!

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